frequently asked questions...

Frequently Asked Questions...

How often should a Koi Pond be cleaned?

A Koi Pond should be cleaned out once a year. Proper maintanence goes a long ways, and without it you may have to clean it multiple times a year. Proper cleaning of all components are usually done in the spring, but vary on location.


Are Koi Ponds high maintenance?

Koi Ponds are not high maintenance at all. The complexity of your pond will determine the amount of maintenance it will need. Maintenance items we perform are cleaning the skimmer, pump intake, biofalls (waterfall), streams and any accesories such as the Ion Gen and Auto-Doser. Our maintenance packages take care of all this for you, breathing new life into your pond or water feature. 


Do Koi Ponds attract mosquitos?

No. Mosquitos are not attacted to Koi Ponds so long as the surface of the water is moving. Mosquitos cannot breed in moving water and therefore are not interested in going near the pond. If you happen to have any still body of water, they will be attracted to that. If your pond pump is weak or clogged, it may limit flow to the water fall leading to a stagnant surface which could attract mosquitos.


What is the best position for a Pond?

Best position for a pond or water feature is a place that has a higher elevation. You do not want to install a feature at the lowest point of the yard, as rainwater will travel to the lowest point in your yard. This will lead to flooding the pond and is absolutely critical the pond be placed at a medium to high elevation. Flat, leveled land is ideal. When we position your pond or water feature, we also take into account where the feature will be viewed from. If in the back yard a location that can be seen from inside the house, such as the kitchen, back patio window, bedroom window or similar.


How deep should a Pond be for Koi?

2 feet in depth is perfect for Koi fish. Anything less than 2 feet is not recommended. Over 3 ft. of depth is fine, however 90% of Koi Ponds are not in temeperatures that would freeze the surface at 2 feet deep. Koi go dormant during the winter, and with aerators or jets to keep the surface moving, freezing over is not a concern. Koi fish are perfectly fine at this depth, depending on how many Koi you have.


Do you put rocks in the bottom of a pond?

Yes. At Tru Lawn LLC, we place river rock on the bottom of the pond for liner protection. This helps prevent Ultra Violet rays from the sun harming the liner. This maximizes the life span of your liner, and gives a place for any alae to collect. Koi fish feed on algae and are bottom feeders- they will be very happy with the rock at the bottom! Not to mention the installtions were perfom all have crystal clear water. You have the added benefit of rocks looking incredibly natural all while have excellent function in the pond.


Does a Koi Pond need a bottom drain?

No. Koi Ponds do not need a bottom drain at all! Many people may read this on the internet or see someone talking about it, but the truth is that you do not need a bottom drain for your pond! Proper care and maintanence will lead to a healthy ecosystem to prevent needing a bottom drain. In fact we use a high powered pump to drain the pond of the water when we do a clean out. Bottom drain ponds cause more problems then they solve, and can be a future leak area if not maintained properly. Additionaly, a bottom drain means you have to cut a hole in the liner on the bottom of the pond! If this isn't done 100% the first time, your liner could be completely ruined.


Can Koi survive on algae alone?

Yes, Koi can survive on algae alone. Koi fish are bottom feeding fish. Meaning they eat food at the bottom of where they are, and love algae! This provides the nutrients they need to live and are completely fine on algae alone. In fact, we recommend not to over feed the fish with fish food. This can cause an algae buid up due to the amount of organic matter in the skimmer. 


How do I keep my Pond water crystal clear?

The best way to keep it crystal clear is to not over feed your fish. Too many uneaten pellets can build up in the skimmer and cause an imbalance in the bacterial system of the pond. We also install two critical items on our Koi Pond installations. The fist is called an Ion-Gen. This is small piece of copper with two prongs on it that goes in the skimmer. At the proper setting this introduces copper in the water. Copper inhibits the growth of aglae resulting in clear water. Add to that a device called and Auto-Doser, which automatically doses a set amount of beneficial bacteria into the pond over time. These two additions make keeping your pond water incredibly clear all year round!


How much space do I need for a Pond?

Average pond size is 8 feet by 11 feet. Recommended amount is 3 feet extra in both directions. 11 feet by 14 feet would be the recommended area for an 8 foot by 11 foot pond. Also, the space you need for a pond depends on a few factors. First is where will the feature go? Back yards typically have more space, but ponds and water features can go in the front. Secondly, what size pond do you plan on getting? Measuring the space where you want to place your desired pond is a great idea. Thirdly, if you'r limited on space, there are several pondless streams that can be installed. Fountains are an excellent choice for a luxury look, without a large footprint. 


How long does it take to build a Pond?

Average time to complete a pond is 3 to 4 days, depending on weather. Size of the water feature, soil conditions, weather, and availability of products may take longer. We plan out the build days in advance of product arriving to the location. Our mission is to have your new koi pond or water feature, fountain or stream installed as soon as possible, while making sure the natural appearance isn't sacrificed. 


What does Maintanence include?

Our Maintance Packages include: 

Can I customize my Water Feature ?

Yes! Customization is a key offering here at Tru Lawn LLC. We have the ability to install color changing LED lights that are controlled by the Aquascape App on your smartphone! Additional customization includes fish caves inside the pond, landscaping around the feature, plant or flower packages, outdoor lighting outside the pond, Ion-Gen and Auto-Doser to maintain beneficial bacteria levels for insane water clarity, slate stacked urn that have fire coming from the top and more!


Will lights in my Pond disturb the fish?

Not at all. Koi fish will not be disturbed by the lights in your pond. If you opt to have the Color Changing LED lights installed on your Koi Pond, rest assured the fish will be completely fine with the lights. 


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