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Pond Maintenance Service near me

Maintaining your ponds health is critical. Without proper maintenance your pond water will start become couldy, algae build up will occur, and your pond may even turn pea-soup green! We utilize state of the art Aquascape maintanence products that keep the beneficial bacteria working to protect against algae build up, and keep your water crystal clear. Already have someone doing the maintenance but looking for a better option? We provide several maintenance options that fit your schedule and budget perfectly. 

Pond Cleaning Service Near Me

Our extensive pond clean out service will have your pond looking like new! Having a fresh ecosystem for your pond and fish will increase the longevity of components used in your pond for proper function, and your fish will love it. We offer a variety of clean out services to ensure your pond is at optimal health. Repairs are also possible once we have the pond drained to see if any issues are occuring. Repairs are on a case by case basis, and will need to be notated in the consultation form.

Pond Design Install Service Near Me

The reason why we started the business! We absolutely love to design and install new ponds and koi ponds! This is where our true artistry comes to life! Take a blank part of your front or back yard and transform it into your own personal oasis! We listen to natures voice when we are in the building process. Looking at every rock to determine it's postition, the flow of the water fall and the ultimate perfomance of your new water feature are just parts of the entire pond building experience. Every new design and install is a true custom, one-off piece of art!

Pond Rebuild Service Near Me

We also provide existing pond rebuild services. We can make your old or failing water feature brand new again! Weather your current water feature was improperly built (many are), or if there's repairs needed that go beyond something simple, we can do a full custom rebuild. We may find several issues with your current pond or water feature after a clean out is perfomed. You may already know of existing issues but are unable to find the root cause. We recommend a rebuild in certain situations. Every rebuild is customized and can be discussed upon arrival for a consultation. 

Pond Aeration Service Near Me

If you have a large pond (Koi pond, farm pond, earthen-bottom pond etc...) chances are you've experienced an algae bloom along with the green water. We have products to eliminate muck build-up, aeration to provide oxygen, and fountains for water flow to prevent algae blooms and muck build-up. Clear up your large pond with a combination of a fountain and an aeration system, to keep everything looking great. 

Fountains and Streams Service

If your looking for something with a smaller footprint, a luxury decorative for the patio, or perhaps just getting into the water feature lifestyle- we have several options availble! These do not require a large amount of space, and are perfect for smaller areas. Fountains and streams are amazing additions for your home. Spice up the unused corner of your front yard with a stacked slate urn, or stacked slate sphere, with a luxury appearance and natural sounds of water!

Landscaping & Hardscaping Services Near Me

At Tru Lawn Aquascapes and Landscaping, we offer additional landscaping services along with, or seperate, from water features and ponds. If your looking for amazing landscaping services and tired of the cookie-cutter landscapers in the area, give us a call! As you may see we not only install the water feature- WE MAKE THEM POP! Utilize our years of professional installation experience to your advantage!

DIrty Diger Land Clearing Company Partner

Dirty Diger & Son Land Clearing Company - We are proud partners with other local companies that have been instrumental in our succes! Many projects require us to utilize special contractors to help us perform the pond installations and rebuild services we offer. Sometimes we need land cleared or brush removed, and an expert excavator operator is essential if we are digging a large pond. We use Dirty Diger & Son Land Clearing and Excavation Servies right here in Hubert NC! Check them out for any land clearing and excavation or brush removal needs for you next project!

DropZone Tree Service Partner

Drop Zone Tree Service and Landscaping Company - We are proud partners with this local company that helps us trim or removal anything tree related when it comes out our pond design, rebuild and installlation services. We only work with the best contractors in the area to deliver professional results. If you need trees trimmed, stumps ground down, trees removed or even large scale mulching services, Drop Zone Tree Service and Landscaping Company is your number one go to service!

Additional Products and Customization

Customization and additional products are available! We have the ability to add some amazing features to your pond, water feature, fountain, stream or other landscaping! Plant packages, flower packages, color changing LED wireless lights, auto dosing systems, ionizing systems, overflows, auto-fills and MORE!