service consultation

1. our pond and water feature consultation process. 

Koi Pond Consultation in North Carolina

Having a proper and thought out design through a consultation ensures that projects go to plan every step of the way, and give you beautiful results just like this picture. Design consultation ensures that at the end of the build, your water quality is crystal clear, and you have a perfect ecosystem pond for your Koi fish, or other fish you may have. Regardless of what service you are recieving, our fist step is the design consultation. 

2. On Site Pond Design Consultation

Pond Design Consultation in NC

If you own an existing pond and are looking for upgrade options or your are interested in tackling your first water feature, an on site design consultation is a very good investment of your time and money if you are serious about installing a water feature in your landscape or upgrading an existing water feature. Once you contact us we will take down some basic information about your project and schedule an appointment with our Certified Aquascape Contractor.

On average an on site design consultation will last 1-2 hours. We strongly recommend that you plan a time so that the entire family (kids included) can be involved in the initial design consultation. We will spend enough time with you and your family to discuss your water feature project in detail and to answer any questions/concerns you may have.

3. Questions to Consider for Your Water Feature Design Consultation

Why do you want a water garden or pond?
How will your family use and interact with the water garden?
What is your long term plan for the project area?
What is your budget for your overall landscape project?
What portion of your budget are you anticipating spending on your water garden?

We will be prepared to answer any questions you have about the project or our company in general. After all questions from both sides have been addressed we will proceed to the location that you have in mind for your water feature. It is important that we have a fluid relationship at this time. Sometimes we will suggest other areas of the yard that you may have not considered as potential sites. This is the “creative” part of our consultation.

4. We work with you to provide artistic approaches

Pond Contractor Consultation in NC

We will interactively discuss possible pond designs/locations and together agree upon a location and design for your water feature. It is important that you keep in mind that you are paying us to offer suggestions, familiarize you with our company, explain the installation process and help design your water feature. However, this is your home and ultimately your decision on which design suggestion you are going to be happy with.

Once a design has been decided on we will take some measurements and in most cases be able to provide you with a detailed quote for installing your water feature that day The last step is to schedule your installation date and sign contracts. Upon completion of our design consultation process you will clearly see the value of our expertise and the initial investment that we place into your project designs.

5. Free Estimates vs. Design Consultations?

Fountain and Stream Consultation in NC

We often get asked if provide Free estimates. The answer is Yes We will gladly provide you a “Free Estimate” for your project over the phone if you can provide us with basic project information. We do charge on a per client basis (travel distance, time frame…) however we gladly deduct the consultation fee from the overall project cost if we are a perfect fit for you!

However, as you will see our initial design meeting with you and your family is a much more involved and is more like a 2-way interview to gather information about your project and provide you information about our company and policies and procedures.

Therefore, we do charge a nominal fee for our design services. Our Design consultation fees include your initial and if necessary, a follow-up meeting with a detailed conceptual design for your project. We will discuss these design fees during our initial phone conversation.

6. Why should I have a Project Budget?

Koi Pond with Fish Cave Installation

Having a project budget is likely the single most important thing you can do to ensure that you make the most of your design consultation process with us and ultimately are able to achieve the outdoor living area of your dreams. Your budget does not have to specific and in fact probably should be very fluid.

However, having some idea of what you are willing to invest into your backyard living area will help us with suggesting amenities and determining the initial scope of your project.

7. What is requested of you?

We have placed a lot of time and money in providing you a wealth of knowledge and information on our website pertaining to our company and design philosophies. You should take advantage of this information as it will provide us more time to spend on the specifics of your project during our design consultation.

8. Schedule your consultation today!