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16 foot pondless stream installation

Selecting a Pondless Water Feature Design & Build Service is and excellent way to add a beautiful and natural looking recirculating pondless water fall to your homes landscape! These are custom built and have no "presets". Customize the lenght, shape, twists and turns with a pondless water fall- a wonderful alternative to a pond!

Pondless Water Feature and stream Build service

1. The Process of Designing and Building a Pondless Water Feature (Stream)...

Pondless Water Feature  design and build service
  • When we initially have our design consultation we discuss the placement, size and type of feature you wish to have installed. Once that is established we trace the outline of your pondless water feature on the ground where you'd like to have it placed. Once building begins we will remove any grass in the construction area.
Grass Removal for Pondless Water feature
  • This helps keep any grass from growing in areas it does not need to be. We will use a sod remover to remove the grass from the area along with all roots to prevent weeds, plants or grass from growing. The bare dirt areas after construction will be covered with gravel and mulch for asthetic purposes. We don't want any vegetation growing, except any plants or palms that are part of the project. 

2. rake and level bare dirt - measure out basin footprint

bare dirt after grass removal pondless water feature
  • After the grass has been removed from the designated area, we will rake and clean the exposed area to make sure there are no roots or other growth. We also level out the area to ensure when we level out the basin there's no errors during construction of the pondless water fall. 
Outline in dirt for pondless water feature
  • The next step in the pondless water feature build and design service is we will trace the outline of the basin. This allows us to dig out the hole for the basin while not over digging. 

3. DIG BASIN AREA & Determine stream lenght + shape & Shaping Shelves

basin excavation for Aquascape Pondless Water Feature
  • After we have completed digging the hole for the basin, we will dig a section out slightly lower for the pump vault that houses the submirsible water pump. 
  • Once all that is tested for fitment, we lay down the underlayment that protects the EPDM liner. Next we lay the EDPM liner over the underlayment and place it in the perfect position.
Aquscape Aquablock installation
  • Next  is the Aquablocks. These plastic crates are put together in order to create a void to house the water that will be recirculated. These strong blocks are designed to hold the weight of the boulders and gravel that goes on top of them.
  • The pump vault and aquablocks are leveled out. This is important, otherwise uneven pressure may result under the blocks and potentially causing issues with the liner. 
  • The pump is then placed into the pump vault and double checked to make sure that everything fits and there is enough power cord length to reach the designated power outlet. 
sculpting water fall drops
  • The next step in the process is to place enough gravel rock on top the aquablocks to cover them with a thin layer. As you can see in the picture above the pump vault has a hole on the left side. This is for the flexible PVC pipe the will travel from the pump vault to the rear of the spill way. 
  • We will connect the PVC hose to the pump inside the vault and route the piping to the rear of the pondless water feature. 

4. designing stream & locking in boulders with pond foam sealant

locking in boulders for stream using foam sealant
  • The next step in the process is to place enough gravel rock on top the aquablocks to cover them with a thin layer. As you can see in the picture above the pump vault has a hole on the left side. This is for the flexible PVC pipe the will travel from the pump vault to the rear of the spill way. 
  • We will connect the PVC hose to the pump inside the vault and route the piping to the rear of the pondless water feature. 
placing and sealing boulders for stream and basin
  • Once the PVC routing is complete, we will start to include the boulders that will shape the stream. We meticulously eyeball each and every boulder to ensure a natural and appealing look for the water feature. Once these boulders are fitted correctly, we will use Aquascape Foam Sealant for two purposes: 
  • One: We can seal the boulders to each other to ensure that there is no movement if a person steps on the boulders. 
  • Two: The foam sealant also prevents water from flowing in areas that may be close the edge of the liner and prevent leaks from occuring. This is important as water flow can be directed to a proper path for optimal stream flow. 
top of pondless water fall installation
  • Boulders are being placed perfectly while foam sealant is used to lock in the boulders and prevent water flow from areas it should not be going. 
  • The spillway stone and spillway are positioned so that the water coming from the spillway has a slight angle down. The spillway stone was hand selected due it's shape and rough edges where water will be flowing from. 
  • This stone will produce beautiful visual effects once the water is flowing form the spillway.

5. tuck and backfill liner, fill stream w/gravel & install L.E.D. lighting

backfilling liner and adding gravel to pondless water feature
  • Now you can really see the entire pondless waterfall is beautifully taking shape! From here on we are tucking the excess liner on the outside of the feature. This involves us simply folding the liner over itself and using the topsoil to "back fill" and cover the edges nicely. 
  • We also add in any additional visual appealing items, such as moss, driftwood and in this case additional L.E.D. color changing lighting with 3 two-watt lights. These lights are amazing at night and set the mood perfectly. 
  • During this process we also run our wiring for the lights, setup the photocell transformer, power supplies for the Auto-Dosing System,  Ion-Gen, Wi-Fi Module for the lights and Adjustable Flow Pump.
color changing LED light installation
  • Next we fill in the stream open areas with our river rock gravel. Water will travel in between and on top these stones for a beautiful and natural feel. 
  • Another thing to spot is the well placed stones that "drop" down to the next level. These are excellent in a pondless water feature to ensure your water fall has maximum visual and audible effect!
  • We want the water to flow left, right, down and all around inside the stream. This allows for the best looking streams for your pondless water feature.

6. installing plant package, install decorative gravel & finishing touches

installing plants and finishing touches for pondless water fall
  • As we approach the last few steps of the pondless water feature design and build process, we are now installing the topsoil and preening the soil. This will make sure that no grass or unwanted weeds or vegetation starts growing in the soil. 
  • We will now install the plant package the client picked out and place them around the feature for the best natural look possible. Mulch will now go over to the topsoil for the amazing final touch of the pondless water fall system.
water running down finished pondless water feature
  • The Aquascape Pondless Water Feature is almost complete! Mulch has been laid down, spread around the feature and gives it that beautiful soft edging. Water is flowing, all systems are working!

7. double check for leaks and ensure proper operation of pondless waterfall

spill way flowing water from water fall
  • The final build step is to ensure there are no leaks from any edges from the spillway all the way to the basin. We also double check operation of all systems installed for proper function. 
  • We will allow the system to operate for around 15 to 20 minutes while double checking all work, fitment locations, junctions, edges and connections. 
driftwood in middle of pondless water fall steam
  • This beautiful pondless water feature shows you the water flowing from the spill stone that was hand selected. The rough outer edges make the water flow over like a sheet. The characteristics add to the natural uniqueness of a hand crafted water feature.

8. Sit back and enjoy your new pondless water feature!

Aquascape Certified Pondless Water Feature Installer
  • The final step in the design and building of our pondless water feature service is to now ENJOY IT! The hard work is completed and with all systems fully operational it's time to enjoy your new pondless water feature!
recirculating pondless water fall completed
  • From a simple patch of grass in a corner in front of  the house, is now transformed into a wonderful and natural looking pondless water feature. 
night time lights for stream shimmering
  • The L.E.D. lighting in the pondless water feature really makes it a sight to be seen at night! The shimmering of the water with the lights is memsmerizing, along with seeing the flow of the water making its way down the stream and dropping down the levels is quite amazing. 
  • Even during night time you can enjoy your pondless water feature! 

Pondless Water Feature Design & stream Build service

**Fountains & Decoratives are also Available - contact us to see our selection!

  • We can design, install and maintain all kinds of pondless water features! Recirculating pondless water features are great additions to small or even large places where the client wishes not to have fish. 
  • These are also perfect for smaller areas that you wish to have a water feature in - but no go all the way! 
  • Extremely low maintenance and all the benefits of a natural stream can be yours.
  • Pleast CONTACT US to setup a Pondless Water Fall Design and Build Service in your area today!

**Fountains & Decoratives are also Available - contact us to see our selection!