Pond Aeration Service

Aeration is Essential for Ponds and Bodies of Water

Farm Pond Aeration Large Pond with Algae Bloom

Pond aeration is a key element into keeping the health and clarity of the pond or body of water at its best. As you can see in the picture above, an algae bloom happened fairly quickly and had taken over the surface of the farm pond.
Simply put, not enough disturbance on the surface combined with no oxygen being introduced into the pond, has been a breeding ground for algae to bloom. This is quite common with large ponds and bodies of water. Our Pond Aeration Service will quickly take care of algae blooms. 

How to aerate your pond or water feature

Airmax Pond Aeration System Running

Pond aeration is an important part of pond management and can help keep your pond clean and free of algae. There are a few different ways to aerate your pond, but the most common is with an air pump.
Air pumps work by creating bubbles in the water which helps to circulate the water and oxygenate the bottom of the pond. This aeration process is important for a healthy pond ecosystem and can also help to control mosquito populations.

Pond aeration can be beneficial for both farm ponds and home ponds. If you have a pond on your property, consider calling us to find which pump or system will fit your needs the best. If you have a smaller pond, such as a koi pond or similar, we have smaller and more convenient methods to aerate your pond. Small jets can be used in combination with smaller aerators to keep oxygen flowing through the water to keep your pond clean.

Pond aeration service to keep your pond clean

Farm Pond Aeration for Half Acre Pond

In the above picture we have an Airmax system installed with 2 submirsible air pumps that go to the bottom of the pond along with a fountain. These 3 elements will keep the surface disturbed and will help oxygenate the pond. From the first picture to now you can see just how fast a proper aeration system will help you fight algae from accruing on the surface.

Pond aeration systems are vital to keep things moving within and on the surface of the water. No more algae blooms and not to mention the sounds of the fountain are an added bonus! We can install pond aeration systems in ANY size pond! Another key factor to consider is the amount of muck or decaying debris at the bottom of the pond. You many have clear water, but you could also see a large build up of muck. We have treatments for that as well, which combined with the pond aeration systems can lead to a full clearing of muck and algae within a matter of days!