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We Clean and repair all types of ponds and water features

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At Tru Lawn Aquascapes we have a variety of water feature clean out services that take care of your pond, stream or water feature you currently have.  Pond and water feature clean out service removes debris, decay, and cleans any ecosystem disrupting bacteria.

These can cause harm to the overall health of your water feature. If you're pond water is dirty, or if you have muck build-up on the bottom of your pond, it's time to do a full pond cleaning service!


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We also have treatments available in case a FULL Clean Out Service is needed (full deep clean of neglected feature with an abundance of algae or build up). These treatments add beneficial bacteria to clean and manage the balance of the ecosystem.

 This is ESPECIALLY important if you have fish in the pond or water feature. Adding these treatments help acclimate the fish to the new water and de-stress the fish. Fish can be sensitive to a water replacement, so we typically save an amount of old water just in case it’s needed.

our pond cleaners will have your pond looking like new!

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As you can tell the clean out process on this feature was very thorough. Overgrown plants were removed or trimmed as needed, all the algae was removed and the entire feature was deep cleaned. The addition of a new small pump for the feature was installed as well.

 Your pond cleaning service and maintenance service packages can be tailored for your exact feature, depending on what is needed to clean and maintain it. We have a process for the service listed below.

What's Process for a pond Clean Out or Maintenance Package?

1. Place koi fish in holding tank with aeration

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  • We first start the koi pond cleaning service by draining the pond and catching all fish while the water levels are being lowered. We fill the holding tank if fish are in the pond. Then we safely capture the fish with a net and place them in the holding tank with aerators while the service is being performed.
  • De-stress is added to help calm the fish during the process. We want them nice and relaxed when we clean there home!
  • 2. pond water removal and draining

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  • Next we remove the old water from feature by use of a heavy duty pump.
  • Once drained we will use a pressure washer with care for the feature to clean off any excess algae build up and debris.
  • 3. pond cleaning with pressure washer

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  • Next we remove the old water from feature by use of a heavy duty pump.
  • Once drained we will use a pressure washer with care for the feature to clean off any excess algae build up and debris.
  • Algae and debris removal pond clean out
    • This process can take a while depending on how much muck, debris and algae is in your feature.
    • We will trim and remove and unnecessary plants or growth that may interfere with your feature as needed.
    • Overgrown plants, shrubs and aquatics can add additional bacteria into the water over time.

    4. cleaning any filtration media of build up or debris

    pond contractor cleaning koi pond
    • We remove and clean any filtration media used in skimmers and water falls as fish waste and other debris may become trapped, causing reduced or full choking of your water pump.
    • This results in a high flow rate and optimal filtration and pump performance.
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    5. drain remaining pond water from cleaning process

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    • Once completely cleaned we drain the feature of any remaining dirty water.
    • We may also use a heavy duty shop-vac to remove water and build up from any skimmer, water falls (Bio Falls) or any other areas water may be to ensure a full clean out.

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    6. refill pond with fresh water, add fish & beneficial bacteria

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    • Once the clean out is nearly finished, the last step is to refill the pond or feature with water. We also place the 500 gallons of water that was used for the fish. This is completely normal and aid in the process of creating a healthy ecosystem.
    • Once the pond or feature water is replenished, we will add the treatments for Clean, Protect and Maintain. These treatments boost the process of cleaning the water as it will be a tad murky due to sand/dust that’s floating in the water when refilled.
    • Fish will go back in as the last part and we will clean up the work area to ensure your property is well kept and clean during and after the clean out. We may need to use a close by water source to refill.
    • You may be responsible for refilling the feature yourself after we finish, if the water source is slow, or if the pond is extremely large.
    • That’s it! Your pond and water feature clean out service is completed!

    Pond and water feature repair service

    • We do offer pond and water feature repair services. This is a custom service that we provide if you're pond is leaking, turning dirty for no reason, or have any issues you may not be aware of. 
    • We highly recommend a pond cleaning or draining to find any areas of potential issues. We can repair liners, skimmers, streams, water falls, spillways and more. 
    • Diagnosis of a potential problem may take several hours, or maybe just a few. Our service rates will vary depending on your water feature size and any issue that may need to be repaired. 
    • Please CONTACT US or use the form below to Schedule a Design Consultation. We will ensure that any repairs needed will be found and made aware of. Any repair or action after the initial diagnosis will be an additional charge, unless previously agreed upon.