Pond Design and Installation Service

We Have Many Options for Installing and Designing Ponds and Water Features!

The Process of Designing and Building…

When we initially have our design consultation we discuss the placement, size and type of feature you wish to have installed. Once that is established we trace the outline of your pond on the ground where you’d like to have it placed and we will have a computer design for your review.

Once building begins we will remove any grass in the construction area. This helps keep any grass from growing in areas it does not need to be. We will use an excavator to dig the area for the pond approximately 2 feet deep. Custom depths can be discussed but will be an additional cost for the project.

Once digging has started we will use the remaining dirt as a birm form the rear of the water fall. This is necessary as to help keep the structure and natural appearance of a waterfall emerging from the earth. The waterfall with be at this end of pond shown below.

Carving and designing the shelves for the pond will take place during this step. We ensure level shelves to place the boulders on for a strong structure and natural appearance. Also during this phase we will install the skimmer and level the skimmer for proper function as well.

Once the shelves have been carved, skimmer installed, and the main area of the pond is excavated and leveled out, we will install any fish caves that may be included with the project. This consists of carving a section of shelving out to fit a large pipe that will be rapped in underlayment. This will allow the fish to have a nice place to mate, relax and avoid any potential predators.

After this is done the underlayment will be laid down over the area and formed into the pond area. This will protect the liner from any hazards and also prevents roots growing underneath or penetrating the liner. Boulders will be placed in strategic locations for structural purposes and best function for the pond.

Pump installation will be completed in the skimmer along with connecting the flex pipe to be routed back to the waterfall (bio falls). Gravel rock will be placed on the bottom, sides, shelves and other areas of the pond for a natural look and feel. This also allows natural algae growth for fish to feed on as well as protection from UV rays to ensure longevity of the liner. Steams will be sculpted and leveled out, then underlayment and another stream liner will be laid on top to conform to the stream design.

The stream will be hand crafted, with select boulders used for the intended purpose of creating a natural flow of water while having unique features to match the desired look and feel of the pond. This process is time consuming as every boulder placed has a purpose. All boulders will be foamed in place with Aquascape waterfall foam. This foam ensures that rocks are solidified in place and is also used to aid the flow of water away from crevice’s that may cause a pooling area in an undesired location. Unlike other ponds, the structure of the boulders combined with the waterfall foam will secure the rocks in place. This give you the benefit of being able to interact with your pond without a rock moving or causing damage. Final touches are made for aesthetics, including trimming and concealing the liner. We always leave extra liner in case a low edge is spotted or natural settling occurs after the installation. This gives us the ability to adjust the liner in the future.

Water is then added to the pond and once full the pump, auto-doser (automatically adds water maintenance for clarity), ion-gen (adds copper to the water to ionize the ponds to prevent algae blooms) and other peripherals like lights or modules will be wired and installed. As the pond fills with water we test the pump and peripherals to ensure working order. This is an exciting moment- we will bring you out to see the waterfall running and flowing for the first time!

Any low edges, or potential leaking spots will be identified in a thorough inspection while the feature is running for the first time. We fix any suspicious spots to ensure no leaks are had throughout the stream, pond, skimmer, waterfall or any part of the feature. Treatments are added to initiate the ponds ecosystem and establish the water for fish. It usually take a few hours up to a few days for the water to become crystal clear as the filter and treatments go to work to clean the water. Plants may be added to the feature if the client would like at an additional charge. Remaining gravel rock will be spread around in a natural way to cover and liner and fill spaces or crevasse from the boulders and stream. The faux log in the back of the feature is hollow, and houses the modules for the ion-gen, auto-doser, and Wi-Fi color changing lights. This allows ease of access and a convenient point for wiring purposes.

Last but not least is the installation of mulch surrounding the feature. This is what really makes it pop and keep the natural look! Any other items like ornaments or driftwood is placed into the feature. This is the final step of the process! The water feature design and build of this particular pond took 2 full days to complete. Finishing touches and a new install check-up were also performed to guarantee the performance and aesthetics of the feature. We offer a 1 Year Parts and Labor warrantee for all parts installed and labor performed.

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