Existing Pond Rebuild Service

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Koi Pond Rebuild Service

At Tru Lawn Aquascapes we can rebuild your existing water feature or pond. Older and outdated equipment can break down over time, mainly due to previous owners lack of preventative maintenance. Some rebuilds are neccesary if the equipment was improperly installed (this happens much more than you'd think!). 

There are some cases, such as the pond and stream (pictured above), that needed a complete rebuild. It would take many hours to find any leaks, clean the feature for optimal operation, and repair any existing faults. This alone may cost you more than simply starting from scratch with a rebuild service. This option gives you a COMPLETELY brand new feature, and with ZERO headaches of future issues happening. 

pond & water feature rebuild process...

1. Designing the new pond and stream in existing footprint

Pond Rebuild Liner and Boulder Placement
  • The first step is similar to the new design and build process. We will assess the area the current feature is in, and all ideas will be exchanged for the best performing rebuild. Once this is decided, removal of the old feature and any liners, skimmer, biofalls etc. will be set aside. 
  • The next step is to reshape the walls of the pond. This is done with our state of the art leveling system, and tamped down for rigidity. This helps create a solid structure for the new boulders in the pond. 
  • The old skimmer is then replaced with our Aquascape skimmer system. 
  • The flexible PVC pipe is routed to the rear of the stream to be installed in the rear of the biofalls system. 
  • The liners are then laid into place and fit for the skimmer and adjusted as needed. 
  • Boulders are then put into place and gravel is added to fill the gaps for a natural and healthy ecosystem. 

2. New stream installation & design

Stream Installation for Pond Rebuild Service
  • Next we sculpt the path and drops of the new stream. 
  • The biofalls or waterfall is now dug out and put into place for test fitting. Once that is done, the steam liner will be laid into place and adjusted as needed. The liner is then mated to the front of the biofalls to ensure a leak proof seal. 
  • Boulders are added and placed to ensure the most natural look and feel for the stream. 
  • Rocks are foam cemented in place for added structural rigidity. This ensures that your steam doesn't move naturally over time, that could cause leaks. 

3. Testing the new pond and stream operation

Pond Rebuild Service Near Me
  • Once all foam cement is dry, all fittings and systems double checked for proper operation- we plug in the pump!
  • Once water starts flowing from the stream we will easily see the surface debris go right toward the skimmer, just as it should. Checking for proper operation is key, as a low liner edge could be found in the early steps of the rebuild. 
  • Gravel is placed in the stream and adjusted as needed due to water flow. 
Koi Pond Renovation Service
  • After the initial run and subsequent checks are completed, we then trim the liner and tuck the liner to be hidden from sight. This allows us to be creative in the landscaping of your surroundings. Additional dirt may be needed to ensure stability and operation of the pond or stream. 
  • Treatments are added to the water to help stabalize a healthy ecosystem. Fish may not be added until 2 weeks after the new water is properly conditioned. The beneficial bacteria will spread thoughout the pond helping to clear it up in the next few days. 

4. Enjoying your new water feature rebuild service

Brand New Koi Pond Rebuild New Bern NC
  • Now it's time to enjoy your fully rebuilt pond or water feature! A fresh, healthy pond ecosystem is vital for not only the health of your fish, but for your pond as well. Proper maintenance and cleanings are also offered to make the most of your newly rebuilt pond. "Out with the old and in with the new!"

5. before and after pond rebuild service

Koi Pond Rebuild Before
Koi Pond Rebuild After
Fish Swimming in Rebuilt Pond

Pond and water feature Rebuild service

  • Existing water feature or pond rebuilds / renovations are a great option if your current one has too many repairs to be done, holes in any liners, and to prevent any future headaches with your current one. 
  • Partial rebuilds can be done as well, including if your stream is not up to par with your pond. We can't always see what's in the pond, and issues can be found during a water feature clean out. This allows us to properly determine the root cause of a leak or any repair needed. 
  • Please CONTACT US or use the form below to Schedule a Design & Rebuild Consultation.